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From the Principal's Desk

  • Instructional Focus 2014-15

    LeRoy Elementary School's Instructional Focus provides our faculty & staff, students and community with a clear picture of our instructional goals and emphasis for the school year. Videos and articles are shared below in order to best communicate our beliefs, values and practices related to our Instructional Focus 2014-15.    …
  • Understanding Dyslexia

    When teaching a student with a learning disability, it is important to know the challenges they face. Dyslexia is a common disability that can impair reading and writing skills. Watch the TED-Ed talk video and see how Dyslexia can interfere with learning and how educators can gain a better understanding …
  • Grit

    Emotion researcher Richard Davidson says that cognition and emotion work together in a seamless, integrated way to help us persevere in a task. Thus, to teach grit effectively, parents and educators need to help students cultivate both cognitive and emotional skills. Here are some research-based ideas for doing both.

Calendar of Events

LeRoy Elementary

We take great pride at LeRoy Elementary in motivating your child.  We will actively serve as "Star Polishers" in your child's life.  The vision of LeRoy Community Unit School District #2 is an involved community, competitive students, and productive citizens.  The mission of the Board of Education is to support and participate in the process of creating the best educational opportunity for all students of our school system.  LeRoy Elementary supports this mission by setting high expectations for student learning and conduct.  We strive to develop academically strong, self-regulated learners who demonstrate respect.  Students at LeRoy Elementary School will be challenged, motivated, celebrated, and cared for by our outstanding faculty and staff. 


LeRoy CUSD#2 is a talented school district.  Our students are amazing and we have excellent parent and community support.  We are passionate in making sure we fulfill your child's needs in our educational setting.


LeRoy Elementary School is an amazing place to learn.  Students and staff take great pride in creating a school culture of learning.  We foster a positive and nurturing learning environment in which students also develop independent values of respect and responsibility.


LeRoy Elementary School serves ECSE, PreK - RIGHT Start, and Kindergarten through 6th Grade.


To be a Star Polisher

“You told them that the world could not do without them and they could do anything they set their minds to, and they could be the brightest, shiniest stars in the sky, and the world would be a better place because of them.” – Leah Becks